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Published by Tiffany H. on 17th Nov 2023

Cascarilla is made from ground-up eggshells that have been cleaned and sometimes mixed with other ingredients.

This has been a substance used throughout history in the practice of Santeria, Hoodoo and Afro-Caribbean religions for centuries. This item has been used for it protective and cleansing properties that can be incorporated into rituals. It has been recognized for its power by pagan practioners and has found it place being adapt into traditions and beliefs.

Cascarilla is used to represent new life, rebirth, and regeneration since eggshells are potential containers of new life. Shells that are crushed, represent the breaking of old patterns and the beginning of a new cycle.Cascarilla has two main abilities. One is to get rid of bad energy in any shape or form. The second is to make a separation between the regular and supernatural worlds. These traits allow cascarilla to be used for many ritual and spiritual purposes, which is why it tends to be found in pressed chalk form. It is even possible to use it in the form of a loose powder to incorporate into candles/incense for even greater coverage.