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Orange Peel, Cut & Sifted 1 oz



Orange Peel  Citrus sinensis  
Purify | Abundance | Energy

Orange Peel,in Eastern medicine, has been used to help in supporting digestion, relieving congestions, excess mucus, reduce nausea, and as an anti-inflammatory aid. Overall helps boost the immune system to help fight off sickness, disease, and viruses.

Cut & Sifted   HC-147-10   1.0 oz    


Additional Info:

Orange peels, and oranges in general, are in many cultures seen as symbols of good fortune and are believed to greatly increase prosperity and abundance. For prosperity magic, orange peels can be added to spell mixtures, incense, or powders to increase the potency of the spell. The Chinese have long regarded the orange as a symbol of luck and good fortune, so carry them on your person to uplift, energize, and bring good luck.Carry an orange peel to improve your luck, vitality, and confidence. Orange peel is sometimes sprinkled under the mattress to improve fidelity in your relationship or added to sachets for the same purpose.